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‘Statue of Liberty’ Mistake Costs USPS Millions

At a time when it’s hemorrhaging billions of dollars per year the U.S. Postal Service should be on the lookout for unnecessary expenditures that can end up costing it dearly when somebody in its management is asleep at the switch. … Continue reading

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USPS Just Can’t Keep Paring Essential Services

True to form, the U.S. Postal Service said it intends to diminish conventional mail delivery service to newly built homes going forward and, apparently, hopes nobody will notice. To justify this service reduction the USPS is trotting out its usual … Continue reading

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New CA Post Office Belies Movement to Cut Services, Facilities

Despite the plethora of post office closings and since 2011 sometimes there appears to be some good news pointing in the opposite direction. Case in point: in Woodland Hills, CA, near Los Angeles, the U.S. Postal Service has signed an … Continue reading

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Some Postal Workers Are Passionate About Their Jobs

You might be surprised but at least two postal workers in Washington State find fulfillment and feel passionately their abilities to serve people and relate to their communities. Adeoye Ladipo, a Nigerian immigrant who was formerly a nurse decided a … Continue reading

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Could a Public USPS Survive in a Trump Presidency?

Predictably, the Republican platform plank on the U.S. Postal Service spouts mindless corporate drivel about how outmoded the USPS is in the internet age and how private enterprise should make more incursions into its operations. That is, if GOP platform … Continue reading

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Rural Postmasters Blasted for Large Salaries

Postmasters in small rural towns are making top salaries, sometimes much more than their counterparts in larger cities. According to a recent survey reported in Linn’s Stamp News, postmasters in small towns often in the middle of nowhere sometimes with … Continue reading

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