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Trump Willfully Ignorant, Ungrateful About USPS

The latest postal reform bill introduced in the Senate seeks to pass postal retiree healthcare costs onto Medicare. But it apparently only modifies, not eliminate the financial burden on the U.S Postal Service must pay each year to the U.S. … Continue reading

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Trump Clueless About the U.S. Postal Service

Now that the federal government has reopened after a meaningless three-day shutdown, what, if anything, is likely to happen with postal reform this year? From this, we can see that President Donald Trump was much more interested in creating a … Continue reading

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Postal Service Abets Opioid Epidemic Legally

With everything we hear about the epidemic of opioid use and abuse in this country the U.S. Postal Service shares some of the blame because much of the stuff gets shipped from abroad through USPS channels. Trouble is, this practice … Continue reading

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Banking Could Strengthen Core USPS Services

Now Hillary Clinton seems to be embracing the idea that U.S. Postal Service could begin offering financial services can we believe her? With the Democratic Presidential nomination wrapped up she may be able to ignore many campaign platform ideas put … Continue reading

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Staples’ Selling of USPS Products Unclear After Blocked Merger

A federal judge’s ruling this week scuttling the proposed merger between office products giants Staples and Office Depot probably won’t end Staples’ efforts to sell postal products in its store but it’s likely to put a crimp in it. In … Continue reading

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Rural Postmasters Blasted for Large Salaries

Postmasters in small rural towns are making top salaries, sometimes much more than their counterparts in larger cities. According to a recent survey reported in Linn’s Stamp News, postmasters in small towns often in the middle of nowhere sometimes with … Continue reading

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