Rural Postmasters Blasted for Large Salaries

Postmasters in small rural towns are making top salaries, sometimes much more than their counterparts in larger cities.

According to a recent survey reported in Linn’s Stamp News, postmasters in small towns often in the middle of nowhere sometimes with populations of fewer than 1,000 ;people can make salaries above $100,000 while workers in the same facilities make only hourly wages–postal-service-in-small-towns-e.html.

So what? Is this story intended to provide the U.S. Postal Service and/or some unscrupulous members of Congress another excuse to close down rural post offices and remove the lifelines of many smaller communities that have always depended on them?

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with exposing the workings of public agencies. But one wonders if such a story may have been deliberately planted as part of an agenda to further whittle away at the postal service.

This antipathy toward smaller post offices has been growing over a least the past five years when the USPS began closing facilities around the country in attempts to save money.

Since then, protests of varying degrees have erupted in many areas of the country leading a group of Senators led by Jon Tester (D-MT) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) who formally complained to Postmaster General Megan about how much these closings hurt people in rural locations

The USPS said last year it put a moratorium on additional closures until this May.

With all the backlash so far, will the USPS really try to pull this off during a Presidential and Congressional election year?

Not very likely as lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are questioning not only the postal service’s closure plans but the wisdom behind them, according to Government Executive

Still, the USPS must contend with powerful private sector forces that want its destruction, according to the Grand Alliance to Save a Public Postal Service, a nonprofit non-corporate advocacy organization.

The group pointed to a recent editorial in the Washington Post that mindlessly and predictably excoriates the USPS for its business practices without taking into account all the constraints it works under

This comes from Post owner Jeff Bezos, CEO of online marketing powerhouse Bezos’ stance is quite hypocritical considering that Amazon relies heavily on the postal service for delivery of its products and a few years ago even developed a joint venture with the USPS to deliver its products on Sunday.

In fact, Amazon just looks on the USPS as its personal delivery arm, according to Bloomberg News

Ah, such grandiosity and megalomania.

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