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Postal Survey Recycles Stale Arguments

A new survey has come out suggesting that Americans want the U.S. Postal Service to operate “more like a business” and have greater freedoms” and other tired rhetoric. Couldn’t the survey’s designers come up with any more original language? … Continue reading

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Boost Passport Services, Says USPS Inspector General

There’ve been a lot of harebrained schemes over the years for the U.S. Postal Service to boost its revenue. Many of them like selling beer and wine in local branches and delivering groceries to front doors were patently unworkable, if … Continue reading

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Postal Labor Group Endorses Sanders for President

Predictably, the American Postal Workers Union, the largest such labor group, has endorsed Bernie Sanders for President One could attribute this to the Vermont Senator’s consistent advocacy for the cause of a strong governmental (or quasi-governmental) institution dedicated to … Continue reading

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Postal Union Files Second Unfair Practices Claim with NLRB

The American Postal Workers Union is filing and unfair labor practices claim against the U.S. Postal Service over its apparent plan to undercut the union through surveys of new and part time employees This is the second such claim … Continue reading

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Can Canada Post Restore Mail Service Levels?

It looks like Canada Post might just abandon its plans to deliver people’s mail to cluster boxes and will keep putting it in front of peoples’ front doors with the election of liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who pledged to … Continue reading

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