How Will Postal Service Fare Under All-GOP Congress?

As the New Year and all-Republican Congress are about to begin, it’s time to take stock of the looming threats U.S. Postal Service.

At issue are moves toward such things as possible privatization, reduction of union jobs, the selloff of post offices to real estate developers and a general weakening of the one institution that has kept country together even before it was the United States.

And it’s not at all helpful when some people opine that the USPS was the carrier of last resort for this year’s Christmas package as some have done

One should remember that during the 2013 holiday rush the USPS actually outperformed United Parcel Service and Fedex and at much cheaper prices, too. At the time, UPS wore egg on its face, blaming this fiasco on a surge in last-minute orders and bad weather, according to the New York Daily News

But that does not stop them from denigrating the USPS and not so secretly wanting it privatized.

This whole issue boils comes down to rampant prejudice among economic elites in this country against the public and heavily unionized postal service from the corporate media. Trouble is, they don’t want to acknowledge how much business and even Congress really do need the USPS.

A possible prelude to how the Congress – and even President Obama-are gonna treat the postal service going forward may be found how they act in the wake of the apparent ouster of Ruth Goldway as chair of the Postal Regulatory Commission. She as accused of spending too much taxpayer money on foreign travel. She blames this hoopla all on politics, says

There’s probably a lot of validity to these criticisms. For this moment, Goldway will be replaced by acting Chairman Robert Taub, a Washington insider who has been a special assistant to the Secretary of the Army, a Congressional chief of staff which followed eight years at the Government Accountability Office before becoming a PRC commissioner.

But to even before Congress gets a chance to act on replacing Goldway the country will be faced with the long-awaited closure of 82 postal facilities around the country. These shutterings will go ahead despite pleas for a moratorium from 30 Senators and represent further evidence of the gradual decimation of the USPS, says

At least one closed neighborhood post office in New York City sits forlornly on an otherwise busy commercial street and suggests and could bring about local economic decline. How many more of these unnecessary closings are we in store for this year and beyond?

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1 Response to How Will Postal Service Fare Under All-GOP Congress?

  1. Lynn N. says:

    The new closings, consolidations, and rule changes for the USPS start next Monday- I guess there is always a chance that Congress can delay implementation, but I am not optimistic.


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