USPS Still Top Federal Agency: Gallup Poll

Despite concerted efforts among some economic and political elites to degrade, eviscerate and eventually privatize the U.S. Postal Service Americans both young old have a high opinion of the USPS.

According to Gallup poll, the USPS is rated the top agency out of 13 others such as the FBI and this even with the explosive growth of e-commerce and even with recent negative publicity such as the hacking scandal earlier this year when Chinese government hackers were suspected of breaching the postal service’s computer networks

High marks for the postal service are nothing new in this country.

Remember, last year the USPS had a better record making holiday deliveries than either United Parcel Service which blamed its inability to deliver Christmas packages on time to things like bad weather and a surge in last-minute orders while the postal service generally did its job, according to the New York Daily News at the time

Let’s just wait and see what happens this year.

Despite the USPS’s solid reputation the forces of corporate greed still relentlessly want to get their hands on the agency and may believe privatization is inevitable.

For instance, some financial news services such as are speculating about whether the USPS would be a good business investment as if it were already put into private hands

Maybe this is just wishful thinking or maybe the online channel has an inside track on what the new Republican-controlled Congress wants to do with the agency.

Private operators are not likely to care whether the postal service will continue to serve all Americans regardless of where they live or keep up the same high levels of service as now.

No matter what the USPS still plans to close around 80 facilities around the country beginning next month and lay off as many as 15.000 employees, disdainful of public and some Congressional opinions such as those of Sen. Bernard Sanders (I-VT) and Claire McCaskill (D-MO).

The USPS’s reasoning behind making such cuts has always been about reducing costs and so forth.

Isn’t this always what for-profit corporations do before they are sold?

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