Small Nebraska Town Saves its Post Office

You think you can’t fight the U.S. Postal Service when it wants to close your local post office and that you must sit back helplessly as it unthinkingly moves to deprive people of necessary services?

Well, one small rural town in Nebraska did just that by mobilizing people from all political persuasions and showing a lot of persistence and determination, according to the Daily Kos

Specifically, the town of Broadwater, NE (population 128) was able to save its post office from the axe by organizing locals, making a meticulous case for themselves and exposing holes in the USPS’s arguments and justifications for closing down the facility.

Part of that involved getting their hands documents such as the USPS facility closure s studies and amassing enough information to rebut probable USPS arguments in favor of closing post offices and other facilities.

Lobbying members of Congress and Vice President Joseph Biden didn’t hurt either.

Granted the people of Broadwater did get some assistance from postal employee unions and retired postmasters. But in the end they were in the end able to save their post office.

Now city dwellers most likely don’t have the time to make such single-minded herculean efforts when they have so many other forces to contend with. But maybe they can learn a thing or two from the people of Broadwater about resisting the seemingly impenetrable behemoth of the USPS.

Already, the movement toward saving individual post offices seems to be gaining some traction, so much so that about 50 Senators earlier this month senators called for a moratorium on post office shutterings next year, citing potential business disruptions, not to mention job losses, according to the Wall Street Journal

Like anything else, saving post offices is going to take a lot of grinding hard work, long term commitment and organization.


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One Response to Small Nebraska Town Saves its Post Office

  1. Lynn N says:

    If a rural town of less than 200 people can fight back, there is no reason why we all can’t organized against the post office closings.
    Love the ad too!


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