USPS Arrogant and Tone Deaf to People in Local Facility Closures

The U.S. Postal Service has once again disdained local public opinion and closed a needed post office. And it did so in the most underhanded manner possible with just  handwritten  note on the door while opening a smaller massively understaffed and insufficiently small branch a couple of blocks away on the east side of New York City

And this just a few months after loud protests from local residents when postal officials paid a visit to the neighborhood and got an earful from the community.

Trouble is, this particular post office has no landmark status.

The USPS ‘is very likely acting in bad faith here. It’s pretending to listen to local people when considering shuttering a post office and then goes ahead to do what it had intended all along anyway. Maybe because the USPS lacks a formal procedure for soliciting public comments it’s easier to get away with such high handed and tone deaf tactics.

On top of that, how many people does one post office closing affect anyway?

The postal service’s shutterings of local post offices and distribution facilities, begun in 2012, are part of an overall plan to ostensibly cut down on excess capacity and save a reported $20 billion a year and improve “productivity.”

These closings have the effect of depriving unionized workers of their jobs and are essentially doing the bidding of Rep.Darrell Issa (R-CA) and other members of Congress who hate the USPS and/or any essential service the government provides without profiting a small minority of corporations driven by profits and not the public good.

And postal privatization efforts are intensifying. Recently, office supplies chain Staples began selling stamps and other postal products at some of their stores leading to protests by the American Postal Workers Union and other postal and non-postal unions. They fear that such ventures are the beginning of de facto postal privatization

By the way, all this is going down at a time when the general public seems more willing than Congress to reform the USPS which Congress seems unable or unwilling to do

Maybe the GOP is licking its chops and seeing dollar signs in their eyes as do cartoon characters as they wait for the results of this fall’s Congressional elections, which historically have usually benefitted the party opposing the President.

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One Response to USPS Arrogant and Tone Deaf to People in Local Facility Closures

  1. Lynn N. says:

    I get what the post office is trying to do- save money. Ok, but is this the way to do it? They are losing the good will they’ve built up with the public. I put this debacle on the management. If they absolutely need to save money by selling/moving/cutting services, at least don’t pull a “midnight move” and have angry consumers turn up on the doorstep wondering what is going on. Sheesh.


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