Here We Go Again With USPS Reform

Looks like the House of Representatives wants to start its cynical postal reform rigmarole all over again.

On Monday, June 17th, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) introduced his postal reform bill, which is strikingly similar to the one he couldn’t move out of the House last year likely because he lacked enough votes

Those bills both called for cutting out a mail delivery day (probably Saturday) and establishing an independent board to oversee postal finances in place of the current USPS Board of Governors. Union leaders blasted this idea as effectively privatizing the postal service,

Issa’s bill comes after the Senate passed its own bipartisan bill in April by more than 60 votes. That bill aims to save the USPS from bankruptcy, restructure the service and give it more financial flexibility to compete in today’s more electronic communications environment,

Funny, but this is exactly what happened last year, before the election which kept President Barack Obama in office.

Come on Darrell, do you really think anybody’s gonna fall for your retread bill any more than they did last time around?

Maybe Issa and his cohorts’ just want the quasi-public postal service to go belly-up so private industry take over.

For the past several years, Congress has allowed the quasi-public USPS to run up massive, massive deficits and keep operating,  The USPS reported a $1.9 billion loss for the quarter  ended March 31and says it’s gonna run out of cash by this fall unless Congress acts

Of course, Congress created a lot of this mess in 2006 when it began requiring the USPS to pay at least $5.8 billion a year to prefund the healthcare costs of future retirees for the next several decades,

Another large postal issue surrounds the closing of facilities and reducing the USPS’s workforce, moves that are already underway. These come despite opposition from the public and employee groups that believe these cutbacks will reduce services and kill off jobs.

How long can these officials keep playing these worn-out disingenuous games and continue to let the USPS founder?

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3 Responses to Here We Go Again With USPS Reform

  1. Lynn N says:

    Well, we can’t be too surprised by the Republicans, after all they’ve introduced legislation 37 times to cancel Obamacare, without any possible chance of success. It’s not really governing, if you’re just talking to yourself.


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