To Save the Postal Service, Act Locally

Maybe it’s going to take a popular movement to save local post offices and, indeed, the U.S. Postal Service as we know it.

But for that to happen, enough people will have to begin suffering enough and know why they are in this predicament.

This may start when:

*Elderly people are forced to travel long distances to pick up medications that can’t fit in their mail boxes.

*Handicapped people can’t easily make it to the post office because it’s been relocated a mile or more away from its original location.

*When neighborhoods become less safe because there are fewer mail carriers roaming around, as some have suggested .

The USPS’S proposed cutbacks are not only affecting less affluent areas.

In a different part of the city, local residents recently  raised hell when a USPS real estate executive discussed its plans to shutter and move the very busy neighborhood post office to a smaller, less accessible  location

Coupled with the USPS’s general desire to cut retail services, it’s apparently scaling back on other services we never thought too much about.  For instance, did you know the USPS actually employs people whose sole job is to decipher badly written addresses?

Despite advances in technology, the human brain is probably the best qualified to perform this function.

No matter, these workers may of the going the way of the dodo bird.

So how does one fight back?

In some places, people have already begun.  In Berkeley, CA, for example, activists have begun exploring legal means to fight the proposed closing and sales of the city’s main post office to private interests

As with any social movement, one intent on saving local post offices is likely to start small and grow with time.

Let’s just hope it takes root before the USPS is destroyed.

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One Response to To Save the Postal Service, Act Locally

  1. Lynn N says:

    I agree with this- fi we do nothing, the Post Offices will be shuttered & we’ll be buying stamps at Walgreen’s and spending a fortune to send packages at Fed Ex. If we fight back, there is no guarantee we will prevail, but for sure, if we do nothing, we will lose out.


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