USPS 5-Day Plan Could Suppress Minority Votes

By Larry Riggs

Do conservative Republican members of Congress who want to kill off Saturday first class mail delivery  have the hidden agenda of  suppressing the minority vote?

Or would they mind it too much if cutting Saturday delivery had the unintended consequence of lowering minority votes since many minority groups tend to vote early, by mail, and not for Republicans?

According to Scripps Howard, election officials in at least one state—California– fear  that stopping  Saturday delivery could prevent  some ballots from reaching boards of elections in time to be counted for Tuesday elections

If you don’t believe such practices could affect minority voters  just look at what’s going on in Florida.

Last August, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ruled that Florida’s laws that vastly reduced early voting days would seriously cut  into minority voting. Therefore, the court stopped the state from implementing changes in five  counties covered by the Voting Rights Act of 1965

Earlier this month, activists staged protests across the state calling for repeal of these early voting laws, according to Fightback News

Among other things, reducing minority votes might help the GOP advance its agenda of downsizing government and further weakening labor unions. The overwhelming majority of postal employees are unionized.

Naturally the USPS denies this would happen but common sense would tell otherwise.

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One Response to USPS 5-Day Plan Could Suppress Minority Votes

  1. Lynn N says:

    We know that many of the Republican Party’s policies make them unpopular with some voters, so their response has been to cut down the number of (presumably) Democratic voters reaching the polls. The fact that less mail delivery makes it harder to vote in a timely fashion seems like the icing on the cake- cut government, lessen the influence of unions, prevent Democratic voters from voting- it’s all there in one package! Remember the good old days – when the Government actually encouraged voting and voting registration? What’s happened to this country?


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