Deliver Mail and Packages Eco-Responsibly Now

The U.S. Postal Service and United Parcel Service have teamed up to become more environmentally responsible in how they deliver the mail and packages.

In a video press conference last week, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe and UPS chief executive Scott Davis unveiled “Blue and Brown Makes Green, a joint venture in which the two powerhouses will collaborate on making their delivery operations more efficient and presumably more environmentally responsible by lowering  their  carbon emissions.

While the two were short on specifics they could have at least mentioned one painfully obvious area where they could make a difference:  stepping up the conversion of their ground delivery fleets to electric vehicles.

To be fair, the two have already been moving in this direction for some time.

The postal service crows about how it used electric vehicles as far back as the horse and buggy era and how it has been using electric vehicles since the beginning of this decade

On the surface this effort seems laudable. But really reducing carbon emissions will likely take many bold initiatives which must take place very quickly.

Yeah, it’s gonna take a long time to retrofit all delivery vehicles to cut the carbon footprint they create.  Such moves are likely to spark resistance from powerful interest groups intent on maintaining dependence on fossil fuels.

Hurricane Sandy, which destroyed and seriously crippled much of the East Coast, was at least partly attributable to global warming for which carbon emissions are very much to blame.

Isn’t it time for major users of fossil fuels to really begin implementing truly responsible business practices that could set good examples for all of us?

Seriously, if things get bad enough who’s gonna really care about sending mail and packages and how will this affect the world’s economy?

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2 Responses to Deliver Mail and Packages Eco-Responsibly Now

  1. Lynn N says:

    It’s great that the USPS is actually inching toward the 21st Century!


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